Investing sustainably

Pop France SRL has implemented the project called “Investing sustainably” SMIS code 111651, as part of the Regional Operational Programme (POR 2014-2020)–Improving competitivity for small and medium sized companies. Investment priority 2.2 – Supporting the creation and expansion of advanced production capacities and services.

The project specific objectives are:

  • Expanding and diversifying the companies' activity through investment into a new production site, which involves – construction of production facilities, purchasing new state of the art machinery for a higher production rate and a special log curving software.
  • Raising visibility and market presence by participating in a industry specific international fair with a exposition stand, certification ISO management system and FSC certification for products.
  • Creating 10 new jobs, one of which will be provided to a disabled person.

All these objectives have been met completely.

The results of the project are reflected in a rise in production capacity and diversification, both achieved by creating new production facilities and purchasing new equipment.

Impact of the project

The 10 newly created job openings, one of which is granted to a disabled person contribute alongside with a growth in work productivity after the second year since the project was implemented, to a rise in wages and a better life quality.